Fred & Maxi

Latin, Flamenco, Jazz & Pop

Fred & Maxi – the duo’s name is as intimate and personal as its name. Frederic Drobnjak (guitar) and Maxi Suhr (percussion) create a special atmosphere for each event. Whether it is quiet dinner music, up tempo music from Spain or Pop music to sing along to from the last 40 years, the two professional musicians know to play the right music at the right time. The duo produces as wide a range of music from their instruments as possible.

The acoustic guitar and the cajon (a simple wooden box of Peruvian origin used for flamenco music and more recently in Pop music) are at the centre of the performance. The wooden box acts as a complete drum kit and in conjunction with the warm sound of the guitar it creates a harmonious sound that is never overbearing. The duo also uses electronic effects, for instance a Loop-Station. This machine records guitar riffs live on stage and then repeats them as background rhythm. Frederic can create the impression that 8 artists are on stage at the same time!

Enough words! The duo creates a fullness of sound that you would not expect to hear from just two musicians. The listener can expect to be taken on a musical world tour; South American sounds, Flamenco improvisations, interpretations of well known and lesser known Pop songs, as well as Jazz music are included in their programme. Their priority remains enjoyment, creativity and the creation of the right atmosphere to ensure a fully satisfied audience.