Ground Green

Funk & Fusion

Why you should not miss the concerts of Bremen based Jazz-Funk band Ground Green? Because their music will touch you and will make you ‘rock until you drop’! The band believes that music is good when it is played so vividly that it captures extreme emotions from dead, rage or sadness to fun, dance, sex, longing, hope and love. If you don’t feel any of these emotions during a concert, you may as well stay at home. Interested? Read more…

Ground Green is a Jazz-Funk formation, made up of four musicians who have been playing together since 2008. The musicians have been in the music business for a long time and earn their living making music. Ground Green’s first session was so successful and exciting that the group vowed to ensure their playing should flourish properly and they would not let it turn into a half-baked project.

In 2012 the group decided to record their first album under the ‘Funkworld’ label. This was launched in the autumn of the same year. The record is simply called ‘42’ and consists exclusively of their own compositions. Deep ballads, a cool West Coast sound, and Funk in the 70’s tradition will also engage those less familiar with Jazz-related music. ‘42’ is an album for all who value a good groove and appreciate beautiful melodies.

The band played at the international Jazz exhibition ‘Jazzahead’ in Bremen, have appeared several times on Radio Bremen TV, performed in clubs throughout Germany and at concerts in France.


Ground Green – Greyhound (live at Radio Bremen)

Ground Green – live at Tangobrücke Einbeck