Tristan (NL)

Acid Jazz

‘The best of the seventies brought to 2016!’ is what Toto’s guitarist Steve Lukather said about Tristan. Their music can best be described as feel good vintage Acid Jazz music with the energy, vibe and sound of 2015 by some of today’s best contemporary pop/jazz musicians from Europe. Funky rhythm-guitars, Hammond, Fender Rhodes and synths, and a rhythm section that has been playing together for decades. All this gives singer Evelyn Kallansee the solid ground to make her beautiful vocals shine.

It will bring you back to that great warm sound of the seventies, with a fresh breeze of influences from the present. Well-produced recordings and live performances often joined by a horn-section, a string section and a host of backing vocalists.

While their music may hold clear echo’s from bands like Toto, Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy and classic acid jazz acts like Incognito and Brand New Heavies – what makes this band particularly stand out is the high energy levels within the grooves and the quality of the writing and arranging.

Tristan’s first album “Full Power” was already a startling fresh debut from the band, with their follow-up “2nd Phase” not doing under in anyways. After all, they both went straight up the UK Soul-charts to No.1! The albums were received very well by the press as well as by some of the finest musicians from the international jazz-scene and it has brought them to many places outside their home country and a fanbase increasing rapidly all over the world.

It is because of this success that the band continues to surprise again with a brand new record entitled “Lifestyle”. Listening to the new material will surely convince you that the group is full of drive and commitment to provide the listener with honest music of the highest quality level. Internationally acclaimed guest vocalist were invited to spice things up and expand the overall diversity in tone to the max without loosing that true recognizable Tristan stamp.

So if you enjoy well written, intelligently arranged Acid Jazz performed by great musicians, then “Lifestyle” might just be the album you are looking for!


Tristan – Full Power

Tristan – Running Out Of Time