UK soul legend Amy Winehouse made history with her music. The acoustic trio ‘Valerie’ picks up the ‘story’ and develops it further. The lead singer Jutta Gürtler does not only look like Amy Winehouse, her voice equally amazes audiences over and over again. She is supported by guitarist Frederic Drobnjak and the bassist Dennis Eickermann. The trio performs a purely acoustic set and guarantees a unique listening experience.

The souldiva’s breathtaking musical career is put under the spotlight and the trio celebrates the life that ended on 23 July 2011 when Amy Winehouse was only just 27 years old together with the audience. The programme includes songs from the albums “Frank” (2003), “Back to Black” (2006) and “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” (2011).


Valerie – Live in St. Etienne (F)