Voodoo Child

Funk & Soul

For over 20 years, Bremen’s Voodoo Child band has stood for tasteful funky Soul-Jazz-Blues, for exciting (engaging, raucous, convincing,) live-concerts and refined arrangements. Swedish singer Mia Guttormsson has now joined the quartet as a permanent member of the band. She brings plenty of soul ‘power’ and her voice effortlessly rises above the rich sound of the Hammond B3, Fenderbass and Percussions. The quartet can be extended with guest musicians, creating an even more engaging sound.

The band’s last two CDs ‘Pepper to the People’ (currently sold out) and the recently released live-album ‘No Onions for Breakfast’ are proof of this. On this CD,‘Quartetto con Brio’ joins Voodoo Child on two ballads to bring out an even warmer soul sound.Here, the instruments are the only ‘vintage’.


Voodoo Child – Back Again (feat. Quarteto con Brio & Maxi Suhr)

Voodoo Child – Nothing But A Party

Voodoo Child (feat. Frederic Drobnjak) – Seems To Be Real

Voodoo Child (feat. Frederic Drobnjak) – Mrs O and Mrs Wild